Hair Colour

Fearless would be the right word to describe our colourists! We can do ANYTHING you are looking for, as long as it does not compromise the integrity of your hair. We know every technique, we can correct any colour mishap that someone else has done. (or maybe you did!)

We train with the best colourists in the world and continue to train on a regular basis to maintain our competitive edge and stay on top of the latest and greatest in haircolour!

We really are FEARLESS! Try us…you’ll see!

Full Colour (Root Retouch) $75+

Partical Highlight $105+

Full Highlight $125+

Creative Colour $85+

All hair care pricing may vary according to density and length of hair.

Please note: We do our best to keep all information up to date, however prices as shown may be subject to change without notification.