Mindful Meetings

Ideal for board meetings and strategy sessions, let your group gathering open with engaging mindfulness exercises. Our award-winning spa therapists can provide signature Kalola Breaks choose from meditation, yoga, wellness lectures, cooking classes and healthy refreshments to enhance creativity, productivity and team morale.

Mindful Stress Mastery

This longer-format class is a great opportunity to step back and think deeper about how we generate stress and how we can orient ourselves to stressors in new and powerful ways. While at Blue Mountain, you’ll learn that there is are no magical techniques, yet through the development of mindful awareness we teach you how to better regulate the body, guide the mind towards less negative patterns, and balance the emotions. This course blends lecture, discussion, and experiential elements to give guest a firm understanding of mindfulness and how to use it realistically and creatively in their daily life. Learn how the stress phenomenon operates within you and how to apply mindfulness to reduce, manage and master stress responses.

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