Botox protein is found naturally, but for cosmetic purposes it is manufactured and highly purified in the laboratory. It has been studied extensively for many years, so the mechanisms for how Botox works are very well known.

Dr. Goldberg has been doing Botox treatments since 2002. He was trained by physicians who had extensive experience. Since then he participates regularly in updates and seminars held by independent users and by the manufacturer, Allergan Inc.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser and light therapy have a number of uses. Light works by altering the skin by means of its characteristics of transmitting power of a certain specific colour and intensity. By varying these characteristics different effects can be accomplished.

Costs of the procedures vary and in most cases several treatments are needed generally at four to six week intervals.

It is best to book a consultation which will allow Dr. Goldberg or Colleen the opportunity to review your individual goals and custom tailor a treatment specifically for each client's needs. Procedures generally take about thirty to sixty minutes.

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Fillers are injected in or under the skin to treat lines and deeper furrows or to enhance desirable facial characteristics, such as cheeks or lips.
Fillers have been used since ancient times when various forms of waxes were injected under the skin. More recently, modern use of fillers started with the use of collagen derived from animals. The most successful products, which have been in use for the last ten years are hyaluronic acid fillers; popular brands are Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal, and Esthelis.

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