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Face Masks

Kalola Botanicals <br>Face Masks

We are now offering all natural Kalola Botanicals face masks for purchase!
Ask us about how you can use these wonderful new products as part of your at-home skin care regime.
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The Body Bar
by Kalola Botanicals

The Body Bar<br>by Kalola Botanicals

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The largest organ of our bodies. Always in contact with life, it is our source of continual physical and emotional elimination process. The first signs of well being are apparent on our skin. That is why our skin care philosophy is based on combining the principles of mind, body, and soul to achieve a radiant glow that emits from the inside out.

Kalola Sea Salt & Sugar Body Polish

Don't miss this healthy body treatment. This luxurious hydrating and exfoliating body polish removes dull surface cells, improving circulation and revealing healthier skin.   

45 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $95

Locals' Club   $65

Lavender Dreams Sugar Treatment

A delectable, sweet indulgence for extremely dry skin. A scrub is applied using fresh lavender and essential oil with our signature sugar exfoliant. Once the new skin is uncovered and pores opened, you are wrapped in lavender body butter for deep skin hydration. A light massage then leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.

75 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $160

Local's Club   $120

Green Tea & Lemongrass Body Wrap

Slim and firm your body with a powerful, targeted treatment. Using green tea and lemongrass concentrate and activating gel, this wrap helps release toxins and eliminate water retention, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed.

75 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $160

Locals' Club   $120

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Famous for giving the skin a glowing, youthful look, luxurious Dead Sea Mud glides in a velvety layer. It cleanses, exfoliates, draws out toxins, hydrates and improves the flow of nutrients to the skin's surface. A rare blend of minerals and natural salts, it contains calcium to balance, iron to strengthen and sulfates to beautify the skin. Begin with a full body exfoliation, followed by a thermal Dead Sea Mud wrap, finishing off with a light application of hydrating body mousse.

75 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $160

Locals' Club   $120

Back Facial

Back Facial

This remarkable back facial is designed for the part of your body that is often over looked and need special attention. Deep cleansing, exfoliation (extractions if needed), followed by an aromatherapy massage, nourishing mask and moisturizer.

60 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $150

Locals' Club   $95

Rugged Man Scrub and Massage

Designed especially for the active man, this treatment commences with an essential oil salt and sugar exfoliation to cleanse and repair skin.  A full body massage follows leaving you refreshed and energized.

75 Minutes

Kalola Spa    $160

Locals' Club   $120

Please note: We do our best to keep all information up to date, however prices as shown may be subject to change without notification.

Immune Herbal Body Treatment

Eucalyptus is well known for its respiratory and antiseptic benefits, our Eucalyptus herbal wrap is no exception.  Detoxification, relaxation and health are the main focus of this all natural healing wrap.  Be energized and nourished with a full body exfoliation then calm and revitalize the spirit cocooned in a warm aromatic blend of essential oils and natural eucalyptus. To Conclude the treatment a hydrating body butter is applied, leaving the skin dewy and refreshed.

75 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $160

Locals' Club   $120

Venus Freeze Treatment

Venus Freeze is non-surgical liposuction fat reduction treatment that tightens skin and reduces cellulite as well. The Venus Freeze is a temperature-monitored, radiofrequency (RF) soft tissue heating, fat reduction and skin tightening device. Add this 25 minute treatment on to any body treatment for targeted results.

Kalola Spa 25 Minutes $150.00 as a independent Treatment $125.00 added to body treatment