Deep Nourishment
For Your Skin

Deep Nourishment <br>For Your Skin

All natural and certified organic ingredients, meticulously blended by hand. Click here to view our Kalola Olive Products.

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Upon entering the treatment room, your Massage Specialist will instruct you to disrobe and lie down between the sheets on the massage table. You are welcome to keep as many undergarments on as you feel comfortable, but rest assured you will remain properly draped throughout the service for you to enojoy a relaxing, pampering experience.

For Your Comfort

If you have a preference for a male or female Massage Therapist/Practitioner, please be sure to make your request upon booking your appointment. 

Relaxation Swedish Massage

Relieve built up tension and alleviate stress with this classic massage that is both relaxing and deeply nurturing. 

Kalola Spa & Salon
25 Minutes $70  / 50 Minutes $105 / 80 Minutes $150

Locals' Club
25 minutes $50 / 50 Minutes $75 / 80 Minutes $115

Couple's Side by Side Massage

Nestle in one of our comfortable double treatment rooms and experience the relaxing benefits of massage together as a couple, as friends or in groups. Two individual tables and Therapists/Practitioners are used to provide a massage that is personalized to each client's needs.

50 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $210     Upgrade to RMT   $270

Locals' Club   $150     Upgrade to RMT   $180

RMT Therapeutic Massage

Loosen up and target your most troubled areas.  Our highly skilled Registered Massage Therapists will customize your treatment to suit your individual needs.

Kalola Spa & Salon
25 Minutes $85 / 50 Minutes $135 / 80 Minutes $190

Locals' Club
25 Minutes $70 / 50 Minutes $90 / 80 Minutes $140

Luminous Body Chi Massage

Balance body, mind and spirit. A remarkable treatment combining elements of Trager Bodywork, Taoist and Buddhist breath work, meridian tapping, creative visioning and mindful movement. Experience the calming effects; feel more grounded and centered. (Please wear comfortable clothing or yoga wear.)

80 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $190

Locals' Club   $150

Hot Shell Massage

An indulgent, truly pampering relaxation treatment using the natural benefits of heated tiger clam shells to transport you to the warm beaches of the Tropics. Relieve your deepest aches and pains, stress and tension with this revolutionary and unique full body massage.

50 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $150     Upgrade to RMT   $180

Locals' Club   $105     Upgrade to RMT   $135

Hot Stone Massage

Melt away tension and soothe your mind with the comfort of water-heated, smooth lava stones. The natural healing properties of these stones are glided over your body providing deep radiating warmth to your muscles.

50 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon  $140    Upgrade to RMT $170

Locals' Club $95    Upgrade to RMT $125

Indian Head Massage

This unique treatment uses acupressure points and massage to help relieve headaces, eyestrain, sinus pressure, nasal congestion, tinnitus, jaw pain and insomnia. Included are upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This traditional form of head massage has been practiced in India for over 1,000 years. Perfect on its own or as an add-on to a Massage, Facial or Body Treatment.

25 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $70

Locals' Club   $55

Tension Target Massage

Do you have a specific area of concern? Try our Targeted Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist to relieve tension.

25 minutes, with RMT  

Kalola Spa & Salon   $75

Locals' Club   $70


This ancient Oriental method of massage is applied to pressure points on the soles of the feet that correspond to internal organs of the body. Through stimulation, energy lines in the body are cleared.

50 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon $110

Locals' Club   $85

Alpine Mint Foot Massage

Treat the feet with the ultimate foot pampering, featuring a pepermint massage from the knee to the tips of your toes.

25 Minutes

Kalola Spa & Salon   $70    Upgrade to RMT $85

Locals' Club   $55    Upgrade to RMT $70

Please note: We do our best to keep all information up to date, however prices as shown may be subject to change without notification.