To the Kalola staff:
Another love letter! I recently bought your 5 pc Skin Care Set, your tinted moisturizer and the 2&1 colour stick. I love every one of the products. The products have made my skin feel younger and softer than it has in years, and I can't say enough about the tinted moisturizer it just floats on and it and looks so natural. Keep up the excellent work.
Karen S. Barrie, Ontario

I just had to write and tell you how much I love your entire collection... I was very impressed with the products picked out for me... The makeup brushes are the best I've ever used and believe me a makeup junkie like myself is very particular... Keep up the good work...
Joan R., Kingston, Ontario

Great products... Great price.
Sally G., NYC.

First of all, your Skin Care collection can only be described as luxurious. I truly have to say how much appreciated the personalized service I have received. I have never felt so "special" as I did when I was in your boutique. It was so busy but the staff took the time to give me a wonderful facial. I love using your exquisite products every day. I love all the products especially the New Skin it is so nice, not slippery at all, perfectly silky. The Tinted Moisturizer is another "magic" product. I've never been able to find a product that feels so nice on. My skin just glows and it FEELS LIKE MY SKIN, not like makeup! The Eye shadow is amazing. I apply the moisturizing base to my entire eye, lid to brow. I can't believe how it makes my eyes stand out. It doesn't end there… I love the 2 and 1 colour. I use it as I was showed applying it to my cheeks, nose, brow and chin and blended them all together with the fabulous blender brush I purchased. Then I add the moisturizing mascara and finally I use the 2 & 1 colour on my lips. I can't describe my delight! These products passed every test. Most importantly, the "touch" test. My husband & daughters all touched my face & could not believe I had any makeup on! There is no cakiness, no settling into tiny lines, just silky smooth skin! I'm sitting here feeling beautiful thanks to all of you! I don't know if it's the colours, the formulas, the brushes or a combination of the above & furthermore, I don't care!
Leslie B, Newmaket, Ontario

I use the skin care products daily and like it. Of course the self tanner is wonderful I used everyday since I left Ontario. I now have a nice tan. The bronzer and eye shadows are great and I love the brushes - they are so soft!
Luv them. Terri Y, Vancouver, B.C

I have a six year old son who was born with A-topic chronic eczema.  In the past six years we have seen several dermatologists in Canada and South-Africa and used every type of cortisone, steroid, moisturizing, non-fragranced, hypoallergenic crèmes both off the shelf and prescribed brands available to my knowledge and nothing has eased the severe itching, dryness and aggravation my son experiences like Kalola Cucumber and Citrus and Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.  Unfortunately for us Kalola has not been around for six years as our lives my have been a lot easier much earlier on had we discovered Kalola’s crème before however, I am very thankful that Kalola is around today as even though my son is starting to grow out of his eczema he does still get several irritated areas that only Kalola’s cream soothes and heals.  I commend the intelligent work, healthy, natural ingredients and wonderful products that the Founder and staff of Kalola uniquely create and sell.  Furthermore, I highly recommend that anyone who is an eczema sufferer tries the Kalola Cucumber and Citrus and/or Kalola Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.  Thank you Kalola!

Carla Jackson - Mother, Wasaga Beach, Ontario