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We are now offering all natural Kalola Botanicals face masks for purchase!
Ask us about how you can use these wonderful new products as part of your at-home skin care regime.
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The Body Bar by Kalola Botanicals

Our approach to skin care is based on the no-nonsense idea that clients want to experience great skin and 'results' in their treatments. Kalola Botanicals is a holistic skin care line that does not use: mineral oils, lanolin or artificial colours in any of our products. However, we do use natural vegetable oils, aromatic essential oils and natural colourings.

Kalola was founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury. It is a health necessity! You take care of your health as a part of overall wellness and well-being and as part of your responsibility and good stewardship of yourself. Good skin care is about day to day effects of quality products that are simple and easy to use.

Whether you choose to visit our spa and have our skin care specialist perform all of your treatments, purchase products from our retail store or online, you will receive all the benefits of botanical and environmentally friendly products that utilize only the purest ingredients.

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