Kalola Botanicals
Face Masks

Kalola Botanicals <br>Face Masks

We are now offering all natural Kalola Botanicals face masks for purchase!
Ask us about how you can use these wonderful new products as part of your at-home skin care regime.
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Deep Nourishment
For Your Skin

Deep Nourishment <br>For Your Skin

All natural and certified organic ingredients, meticulously blended by hand. Click here to view our Kalola Olive Products.

Kalola Botanicals Bath & Body

Our fabulous Bath & Body products are meticulously formulated using all natural and organic ingredients, blended by hand with essential oils and fruit extracts for delicate natural scents. Kalola's fresh scents include Lavender, Strawberry Lime, Papaya Mango, Pomegranate Citrus, Vanilla Rose, Green Tea Lemongrass, Coconut Lime and Mandarin Vanilla. For an even more luxurious fragrance, try Cedar & Saffron or Bella Donna.

Botanical Body Wash

A highly concentrated luxurious total body care wash, formulated with precious natural botanicals. Nature's most powerful nutrients are combined in this unique body wash to help restore the skin's moisture level. This soothing botanical body wash is ideal for deep cleansing leaving the skin refreshed.

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Luxurious Body Polish

For dry / sensitive / normal skin. This luxurious purifying body polish has a gentle yet deep cleansing action. It helps detoxify the pores as it sweeps away impurities and dead skin cells. Herbal humectants protect the skin from moisture loss as nourishing botanicals soothe and protect against environmental toxins, leaving the skin ultra clean, soft, supple, and revitalized.

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Moisturizing Mousse

This velvety textured Body Mousse smoothes and rehydrates with natural ingredients. Formulated to provide advanced moisturization and protection following a spa treatment, bath or shower. Nature's most powerful nutrients are combined in this unique lotion to help restore the skin's moisture. The mixture of Avocado Oil, Jojoba and Aloe Vera closely match skin make-up, and is therefore able to help to repair damage to the skin. Shea Butter, Triglycerides (oils from palm and coconut), plus Silk Amino Acids give emolience and leave the skin feeling silky and smooth.

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Body Butter

This luxurious body butter combines the moisturizing miracle of beeswax for fabulous moisturizing properties and over 50% rare nourishing oils, aromatic, healing botanicals and protective anti-oxidants. This unique synergistic action magically softens, protects and penetrates the skin, as it replenishes lost moisture and promotes resiliency. Leaves the skin luxuriously moisturized and the senses recharged. The soft scent adjusts to the body chemistry of the wearer and imparts a subtle scent that is both lingering and unforgettable.

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Botanical Body Mist

For dry / sensitive / normal skin. This pink grapefruit botanical body mist is a special oil-free blend of nutrients that adds moisture to the skin, giving it a refreshed healthy glow. Botanicals, extracts, marine minerals and protein will improve skin lipid content and promote firmness. Excellent for travel for use in over-heated or over-air conditioned areas, or during and after sports.

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Foaming Bath Salts

Slip into skin-smoothing, detoxifying bath waters treated with mineral-enriched sea salts, algae and fine clay from Italy. Now you can indulge and relax with the benefits of soothing sea salt and the luxury of a bubble bath at the same time. Enhanced with aromatic, skin smoothing, and anti-oxidant oils and extracts. Stimulates surface circulation to recharge tired muscles. Helps smooth rough texture and tighten and tone the skin. The body feels unbelievably smooth and rejuvenated.

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Bath Balms

Drop one in a deep warm bath for an effervescence of bubbling water softeners, soothing bath oil, and refreshing fragrances to tingle your senses and pamper your skin.